Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where In The World Is Matt Lorenz?

Let's give it up (as it were) for our boy, Matt! Not only did he live to design another day but he finally took it...the win, that is.

This week Matt will have a whole extra hour in which to squeeze out his concept for guest judge, Chef Tom (Papa Bear) Colicchio himself. And if you've seen the previews, it looks as though Matt's gonna be sweating and pounding on his faux leather floor for every second of that hour!

So, where exactly is Matt Lorenz?


Craning his neck and gawking about in Dwangthawee Plaza as he takes in all that Bangkok, Thailand has to offer. Go slow, Matt. Take your time. Maybe have a Heineken at Balls, the Sports Bar. Perhaps a frothy latte at Dick's Café.

We'll be here when you get back...


Ms. Place said...

Oh, dahling, you slay me. I can't wait to see where he'll pop up next.

kbryna said...

i was gratified to hear Matt mention "my wife and daughter" in tonight's episode.

and how they won't want him back if he doesn't win.

Marius said...

Don't worry, Matt, we won't tell your wife. What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok.

yatsu said...

Oooooh! So pretty blondie boy. We to let him bang him cock here anytime. Then to serve the yummy noodle after.

Anonymous said...

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